Version 1.2 submitted

PGSongBook version 1.2 was submitted on January, 25 and therefore should be available this week if everything goes well. Here is the complete list of new features:

+ Supports all device orientations

+ AutoScroll (Swipe toolbar to access)


+ Swipe to delete Chord Pro file

+ Change order of songs in a playlist
+ Playlists can now be duplicated
+ Option to delete files after import


+ Pinch to zoom in editor

+ Monospace font in editor
+ Search & Replace in editor
+ Chords turn capitalized after chord tag is closes with a ]

+ {sot} tag *with tab line break*
+ New {solc} and {eolc} tag for long comments
+ Chorus, Bridge and long comments now have borders

Bug fixes:
+ Chords and text are no more combined in comment areas or tab areas
+ Empty lines are no more compressed when printing
+ Now warns if you want to rename playlist to existing name
+ Several more

How to create a PGSongBook-compatible Text File

On a Mac:

1. Open TextEdit and click Format->Make Plain Text

2. Click File->Save as…

3. Choose your desired destination and Unicode (UTF-8) as encoding.

On Windows:

1. Open Notepad (Editor in some countries) and choose File->Save As…

2. Choose UTF-8 as encoding and save to your desired location.

Import the file in PGSongBook and enjoy playing it.

Go to last visited URL

If you close and reopen PGSongBook’s web browser a new web search gets started. What if you want to go back to the web site you visited before closing the browser?

Just swipe over the URL bar of the browser from left to right:

PGSongBook and iKlip

IK Multimedia has added two great products to their portfolio recently: the iKlip and the iKlip MINI, which both work great together with Perfect Guitar Song Book and especially the Shake2Scroll functionality. When we invented Shake2Scroll, we didn’t think there’d be an iPad/iPhone stand that fits that perfectly to this function. Not only for live performances, but also for hobby musicians, the iKlip is a perfect match to Perfect Guitar Song Book.
Click here to read more on the iKlip family of products

Search URLs

With Perfect Guitar Song Book, you can easily starts web searches from the app’s add song dialog. Thus, you just have to set a URL, that contains placeholders for title and/or artist as start URL of the built-in web browser in the app’s settings.


This starts a google search with the song’s artist, title and the word “chords” (If you have entered artist and title in the add song screen before)

%a     will be replaced with the artist
%t      will be replaced with the title

Examples for search URLs:
Just copy an URL from here and paste into the start URL field in PGSongBook’s settings.


Ultimate Guitar: