DeskDock Privacy Policy

The DeskDock application provided by Florian Draschbacher itself does not collect or share any of your information. However, it uses Google AdMob for displaying advertisements inside the application.

Google AdMob collects and shares the following information for displaying advertisements:

  • IP address, which may be used to estimate the general location of a device
  • User product interactions and interaction information, including app launch, taps, and video views
  • Diagnostic information related to the performance of your app and the SDK, including crash logs, app launch time, hang rate, and energy usage
  • Device and Account identifiers such as Android advertising (ad) IDapp set ID, and, if applicable, other identifiers related to signed-in accounts on the device

Android ad ID collection is optional. The ad ID can be reset or deleted by users using ad ID controls in the Android settings menu.

For more information regarding this privacy policy, please contact Florian Draschbacher at