Introducing Magic Features

With version 1.3 of Perfect Guitar Song Book, editing songs in the built-in editor is now easy like never before.

Complete verse’s chords

Many songs from the Internet only have one verse that is provided with chords.If you don’t know the chords by heart, it’s difficult to play the second or third verse without chords.This feature helps you to easily transfer the chords from the first verse to all the others without chords.

Complete Choruses

Lots of songs contain only one complete chorus and referrals to this one complete chorus when the chorus should be played again later in the song.This function pastes the complete chorus (if marked with {soc} and {eoc}) to the places where “Chorus” or “Refrain” is only referred. If one of these words is followed by x2 or 2x, the chorus will be pasted twice.

Mark choruses

This feature automatically finds and marks choruses with the {soc} and {eoc} chord pro tag.

Read here for a full list of new features.

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